Aug 062010

At Fascinations, we’ve created a line of underwear/panties that I find hilarious to no end. I decided that I’d share them with y’all, and if you understand them, then you’re probably at least a little nerdy (or have spent WAY too much time online).  The one sad part is that there aren’t too many XLs left, and the company that makes the panties didn’t have larger sizes. I’m working on that for the next run. But for now, enjoy the amusing-ness of these:


I Can Haz Butt Secks Panties

I Can Haz Buttsecks? (Lol Cat panties)

Eat Me Panties

EAT ME (Pac-Man style panties)

Ceiling Cat Panties

Ceiling Cat (Ceiling cat is watching me masturbate panties)

Place Mustache Here Panties

Place Mustache Here (Mustache ride panties)

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