Jul 072010

This toy is new and different and shiny, because it stands out a bit from the more “traditional” two person dildo (think Fun Factory Share or the Tantus Feeldoe). Why? It’s got these fancy schmancy adjustable angles for the two different piece, using a little silicone piece to change things up, depending on whether you like a more acute or more obtuse angle.

Like the majority of the other toys in this pretty new and pretty slim category, it’s 100% medical grade silicone. What does this mean? General cleaning can be done with soap and water, or if you want to share it (or use it anally, then vaginally), you can then sterilize it by dishwashing it (top shelf, no soap), boiling it 3-5 minutes or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. Please do keep in mind that there are crevices here, making it harder to clean. Water-based lube only!

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the Mantric Sysil Double-Dildo toy, and so we’ve produced a little video review for you to get a little more info on it, check it out visually, and see if it’s the right toy for you.

Thanks again to  Fascinations and the videographer Matt for the video review awesomeness, and for the toy.

Click here to get your own Sysil Mantric and begin the angling action!

-Essin’ Em

  2 Responses to “Video Review of the Mantric Sysil Toy”

  1. I love that it’s adjustable – very awesome feature. Great vid, Shanna!

    xx Dee

  2. I have this toy and finally gave it a whirl this weekend without a harness (I’m sure I will try it again soon with a harness). Definitely some pros and cons to this toy, but as a not-quite-plus-sized person who penetrates lots of anuses (that appreciate the thin cock that is slightly softer than the feeldoe), I like this so far the best of the double-ended toys I’ve tried.

    I really like the design of this toy with respect to my pleasure as the wearer; the shape of the part that goes inside me is SUPER effective at hitting my g-spot and the way the vibrator protrudes upwards from the shaft makes it press against my clit in a noticeable way. The “downside” of these two factors combining so effectively is that I end up having an orgasm really quickly, which pushes out the toy and makes my vagina too slippery to continue to hold it in without a harness.

    A great thing about the place to insert the bullet vibrator is that you actually don’t need to use lube to get it in and out; push on the bump at the base of the shaft to push the vibrator out…the hole prevents a vacuum from forming like it does in, well, just about any toy that has a removable vibrator (for which Shanna’s lube in the hole recommendation is essential).

    The aspect of this toy that I was most excited about, i.e. the adjustable angle between the end inside me and the end inside my partner, was fantastic initially. I liked the jaunty angle of how my cock stood up when I initially inserted it with it in the acute angle setting. After using it for a minute or two, having an orgasm, and pushing it out of my vagina, I looked at it, about to reinsert it, and noticed that it was in the obtuse angle setting. After re-adjusting it to the acute setting, I gave it another try and got the same result. After coming down from all those orgasms for me, which make it very difficult to complain, and switching to a strap-on that would allow me to focus on pleasing my partner, I checked out the Mantric Sysil and noticed that if you just pull on the end that went inside me, the angle shifts on its own, without removing the silver square of silicone intended to keep it in a set position. It doesn’t go readily from middle to acute, but it does go fairly readily in the opposite direction, which makes it not so different from the floppy Fun Factory Share (except for the thinner shaft appreciated by my partner’s ass).

    I’m sure the Mantric Sysil will be great for me in a harness, but it is not the harnessless solution I hoped for. Given my squirting and expulsive orgasms, perhaps I should give up on that dream.

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