Jun 122010

I found this project from a reader for my other blog. What project?  This project. It’s freaking brilliant.

Why? It is a bit similar to the idea behind Queer Eye Candy, in that they both are striving to create more queer visibility in this world. Reclaiming our bodies, and celebrating our bodies, and not apologizing for who we are, what we look like, and more. This project is a huge step in the right direction.

Who? This rocking project about queer bodies is being created by a undergrad student in Arizona named James, who is doing this project to get a large variety of pictures of queer bodies, whoever and however they may be or may identify; different abilities, different sizes, different gender presentations, butch, femme, boi, grrl, , etc. Here is a little from the info page about this queer bodies project:

Queer communities counter, reject, and reinvent ideas of family, home, love and beauty. We try to make spaces for ourselves: for bodies and desires and lives other than those we were taught. Our bodies become our stories of assimilation and resistance and redemption and gender and love. They bear the scars and stretch marks and laugh lines of lives in progress, and I feel such love and pride for each of us, these queer bodies, these people who are so marked.

I want to document the variation and ferocity of queer experience. I don’t want to situate queers in opposition to straight people. This isn’t about them. We do not need to justify our existence. We are people, and that is enough. I want to paint people who are making and working and loving and becoming whole, happy, and healthy. I chose portraits because I know that there is no one person or image that shows the whole of queer experience, it is different for each person. There are only small snippets, pieces of the greater picture, that can be found in each individual queer life.

I’m collecting images of queer people to paint so that I can document some part of queer experience.

Honestly, this is such an amazing concept, and I really suggest that everyone who feels comfortable enough participate and bring more visibility to queer bodies.


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