Jun 012010

Because I have.

Catherine Toyooka is a little fireball of awesome. I met her last week when she was in Tempe to speak at Fascinations about how to Love Your Boy Now By Finding Your Fabulousness.

I’m so excited to have gotten to participate in her workshop. From self reflection to analysis of media imagery, she taught a brilliant and interactive class, and one that people really loved.

She gets to go on my “Sex Educators I Love” list, along with Tristan, Megan, Ducky, and all the rest on my links pages. I only link to those educators I love and believe in.

Based in Silicon Valley near San Jose, she does both in person and skype sex/dating coaching, as well as speaking at colleges, universities, schools and outreach programs.  If you’re interested in her, check out CatherineCoaches.com.

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