Jan 272010

As you browse through my site, you can check out all the workshops, classes, trainings, lectures and more that I offer. Some of them are more popular than others (Vaginal Fisting for One and All is usually standing room only, and Relationship Mapping/Poly 101 almost always sells out), but I do love putting on all of them.

However, I’m always open to ideas, suggestions, feedback and more.  What type of classes/workshops would you like to see me offer? What don’t I teach that I should, and what do I teach that I should try and do more?

Also, where would you like to see me? I currently am scheduled for classes/workshops in both Phoenix and San Francisco, and will probably present in Seattle in May and Denver in July. If you’d like me to come to a place near you, any suggestions for places I can teach/present?

Thanks all for you help and suggestions, in advance of course!

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